When I started with mentoring back in 1999 I was reading everything I could find on the internet about mentoring and other supporting themes. I didn´t find it easy to find something and a lot of the pages was consultants who wanted money for every thing bit.

There and then I decided to by one of the few with a internet page with information about mentoring, just because I find mentoring so useful. It´s kind of mentoring to the masses…

So when I started my blog back in 2008 one of my goals was to find the best blogs about mentoring. Of course I also want to be on the list.

I started with a goal to find 25 of the best mentoring blogs, because I saw that leadership blogs have a similar competition for the 50 best leadership blog. Mentoring is a bit smaller than leadership, therefor 25. But in the end I had to narrow it down to 18.

At the same time its difficult to know which glasses to wear when looking. Am I a first timer to mentoring, a coordinator or consultants? And I know some people will have some others on the list, and that is very good. A discussion about this will only make it better.


So with some doubts present this list of «The Best Mentoring Blogs 2011».

1 http://mentoring-works.com 
2 http://www.mentors.ca/mentor.html
3 http://www.mentorresources.com/blog/ 
4 http://www.justaskpublications.com/ 
5 http://www.yess.co.nz/index.html 
6 http://www.ppv.org/ppv/index.asp 
7 http://www.centerformentoringexcellence.com/index.php 
8 http://www.coachingnetwork.org.uk/Default.htm 
9 http://www.management-mentors.com/ 
10 http://carsmentoring.org/main.php 
11 http://www.heart-to-heart-mentoring.com/index.html 
12 http://www.mentors-mmha.com/about.php 
13 http://www.coachingandmentoring.com/ 
14 http://paamentoringblog.com/about/ 
15 http://www.careersystemsintl.com 
16 http://www.mentorsatwork.com/index.html 
17 http://www.merryck.com/us/home#merryck-team 
18 http://www.sagementors.com/ 

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5 Responses to Best Mentoring Blog 2011

  1. […] Thor-Erik Gulliksen is one of Europe’s experts on mentoring, and has been writing on the topic since 1999.  This is the second year that he has highlighted Mentor Resources Blog as among the best blogs from around the world on the topic of Mentoring. […]

  2. […] Resources rated one of the top 18 mentoring websites of 2011 by European mentoring expert, http://mentorguru.info/best-mentoring-blog-2011-2/ They are number two on my list of best mentoring blogs in 2011, and twittering about this. […]

  3. Ann Rolfe sier:

    Glad that you are enjoying my blog.

    Ann Rolfe
    Mentoring Works

  4. I have this year put up a new website, http://www.davidclutterbuckpartnership.com. I retired from my company Clutterbuck Associates — the pioneer of mentoring in Europe –at the beginning of this year.

  5. Hi. Thanks for sharing

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