Training the mentors

We are so lucky that all the mentors are volunteers and we introduced them to some tools we use, called «The Big Five». Its basically five tools which is important as a mentor, active listening – effective questions – feedback – accountability – recognition.

Its always so funny when we are doing the first excercise, when you are 2on2 and one is telling a story and the other is like a stone face… and after 3 minutes we change. It is a simple excercise to point out the importance of being presence when you meet you’re mentee and also listen actively.

And then they do it all over. but this time they start to ask questions.

After that we went through the program and the plans for this four month.

Train the Mentors

Some mentoring programs simply introduce the mentee for the mentor and leave them to «get on with it».

But people need to know what is expected of them, how to go about it and why it is important and as the coordinater of the program you need to be confident they have the skills for mentoring.

The purpose of training is to enable mentors and mentorees to establish effective relationships. Because it´s not the same to manage people at work and to have a mentee. You have to build a relationship and trust on a short period of time.

And as a mentor you need the right communicating styles and techniques for applying the mentoring process.

No, as Ann Rolfe in Mentoring Works says: Effective mentoring results from a set of attitudes, behaviors, skills and motivation. Training, complemented by ongoing support and follow-up, significantly increases your return on investment. That’s how a mentoring program works.

I always train the mentors in my program and I use my training “The Big Five”, which is the five most important tools/techiques for the mentor to use in the 1-on-1 meetings.

The five tools are:

  1. Active listening
  2. Effective questions
  3. Feedback
  4. Be responsible
  5. Recognition

Under the whole the participants sit two and two and train on the tools. I don´t believe in a training where the trainer talks all the time and the participants sit and takes note. Everything is gone in the minute they walk from there.

So to be a good mentor you must practice, practice and practice…


The Big Five Vol. II

I am going back to JCI oslo and their mentoring program for the CEO´s  in Young Enterprice. The training will be for their mentors. I had the first training with them in October 2010 and now it´s time for some more input.

It will be real fun to hear about their experiences so far in the program.

AIESEC Conference – Seminar “The Big Five”

The seminar at the Aiesec UIO was very fun, students willing to learn how to be a coach. At the end we talked about how this could be used for the best of Aiesec, maybe to get more members. But in the end of the day we all want development both personal and for Aiesec.

This time it was the seniors at the seminar and the juniors went to another training.

I hope that coaching and mentoring will be the right tools so that they can get as much out of the membership as possible.

Here are some pictures from the session.

Training Weekend in the Archipelago of Gothenburg

 The day before the training in JCI Gothenburg we went over to the city of Gothenburg, my wife, Lina (from Syria) and I. We had booked us into a nice hotel in the center for relaxing, enjoy and to show Lina the town (since my wife is from Sweden). After the tour of the city, Lina and I had time to plan the next day’s training before it was time for dinner in a town restaurant. 


 After 1 hour’s drive against the norwegian border, the training could start. The training "The Big Five" with Lina as co trainer for the first time. The participants were quickly tested himself as a mentor and mentee. The training is specifically structured so that there is so little time as possible to the theory and explanations, but a lot of time to practice. The first exercise where the mentee will talk only and mentor to listen (and do not show any signs to follow, or say something) is a practice that creates an aha experience. Here is where the importance of body language and to follow and immerse themselves in conversation. 


 Then, we went on where the mentor in the next exercise could ask questions, and here things is starting to fall into places. And all are amazed at how quickly time passes. Last exercise is where the mentor can come with questions, feedback, and not least, the mentor should try to get the mentee to reach a deadline. "When are you going to…"


 The exercises and not least the number of exercises will allow participants to get tested as a mentor several times, and that is the meaning. Learn it and do it! 


 On the way, we had several discussions related to the exercises and how they think it was and if the mentee thought that the mentor did well or something that mentor could improve. But all the trainings come to an end and unfortunately this also did, after four hours it was over and the participants an experience richer. 


After a training people will always be discussing things or ask more questions, so also this time. And as trainers is Lina and I especially happy when the participants are telling us that this was a surprisingly practical training. And that was what made it special and good, namely that the tools they could now go out in life and use. Already the next day, they actually could start to be a mentor on the job or in their spare time, or perhaps in the marriage. 


 I hope that some of the interesting ideas that emerged in the training becomes a reality, that JCI Gothenburg start a mentor program. That way, more people could get even better personal development and achieve their goals. 


 THANK YOU, JCI Gothenburg, Thank you from Lina and Thor-Erik. 

AIESEC Conference – Seminar “The Big Five”

 The seminar at the Aiesec conference went very well, a lot of people willing to learn how to be a mentor. At the end we talked about how this could be used for the best of Aiesec, maybe to get more members.

Some even talked about invited me to their schools to do the seminar again for all the members and maybe for some potential members to.


Well we have to see, and hopefully you will hear more about this. Here are some pictures.



Campus Kristiania Career days – Seminar “The Big Five”

As you all know by now I have a seminar called «The Big Five» where I am talking about the five tools in being a mentor. The seminar has grown very popular and the student at Campus Kristiania stood in line to get to the seminar. Taking only 30 participants it`s difficult to reach evry students who wants to participate.

All 32 students find the seminar very useful and had a great time with other students they barely knew and suddenly they were telling them personal things.

After the seminar they all would try the tools to be a better student and to get other students better.

Can a trainer ask for more?

Viking Weekend 2009

JCI Drammen are having people from all over europe coming for their annual «Viking Weekend». This year on Solli Farm in Asker, Norway.

I was booked for my training in «The Big Five» with persons from Polen, Latvia, Germany and Norway. I got two hours to work especially with listening, questions and feedback.

Even two hours are little time they got a preview of how it is to be a mentor and adept. They all get very curious about mentoring and maybe they would get their own mentor when they get home.

Or maybe they will try to be mentor for another person and with the knowledge from «The Big Five» you are actually able to do so. But to be a good mentor you need to practise – practise – practise…

Pictures are coming.

Trainings in Trondheim

Some of the adepts in TrondheimAs I told you before I went to Trondheim in Norway to hold two seminars. Both for the participants in JCI Evolutions Mentorprogram for young people in Young Enterprice Norway.

On saturday we started at 10 am and were working with strenght, posibilities and SMART-goals up to 16 pm with all the adepts in the program. They were very interesting in the subject and real active all day. This is going to be the platform for further development trough the program and especially for the AM-meetings (Adept and Mentor meetings) every month.

Oh I love to meet so many positive and active young people and spend time with them, I actually learn as lot as them.

On sunday we started at 11 am to train all the mentors, from businesses around in the county. They were also very positive and active through out the wholde session, working with «The Big Five». Tools for AM-meetings.

I look forward t be hearing from the project group next time.

Holding seminar in Trondheim-Norway this weekend

This weekend I am going to Trondheim to train in their mentorprogram for Young Enterprice Norway. On saturday I am going to train all the students the whole day, the seminar is akind of lifeplanning. We are looking at their strenght, their weeknesses and their possibilities, and final some SMART-goals.

On sunday is it mentoring seminar for all the mentors. Learning and training «The Big Five» and prepare them for the task.

And not only that but I am also going to help them in the matching process as well.

This is going to be so much fun, I am very excited.