Do you live or do you survive?

Many of us feel that we use our valuable life energy to survive our life instead of living it.

It is one of the things that I most often encountered among people I mentor. Many feel that they have created a life or has «drifted into a life» that they do not know if they want, and they certainly are quite sure that they do not have the energy to maintain. Simply because they are too busy.

The whole life is for many almost become a kind of project to be «done» and «get over». Many of us think sometimes: Is it really what it’s all about?

Many are living the beautiful life, or it seems that way, a life where you actually are not that satisfied with. Maybe they have an exciting job, a big house, beautiful children and a lovely partner. It looks good from the outside, but inside they are seeking and can not find out what really is wrong.

We forget, in other words, how lucky we really are.

So my advice to you is to stop and ask yourself:

Are you able to enjoy your life with an open heart, and you are fully present every day?

Or do you let life and all its opportunities slip by because you care about the past, planning the future and never really in the moment?

Easter is coming up and it is a perfect time to stop and reflect on this matter.

Happy easter!

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