My three most important tips for a trainer

Many people come to me and says I get easily in touch with the attende on my trainings and not at least I get them to open up for me. Many of my trainings are quite personal and you make some «soulsourcing» and we get on a very personal level.

There may be things being said to me in confidence or in plenary. It should be noted that I have been participated in several trainings where the trainer don

´t get the same contact with the participants.

In one training the trainer was really focused on the training and he was not open for discussions in the  breaks. He was focusing on the trainings and if he should change something for the next session

He therefore had no contact with participants during the break. I believe that it´s in the breaks you can «pick up» new things or clarification etc.

So here are my three most important tips as a trainer:

1. Be Precense

2. Respect the person and what he is saying

3. Show that you care

What are your top three tips?


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