An interview with a great young entrepreneur

I am doing a serie of interviews of entrepreneurs in Norway and I am especially looking for young entrepreneurs which are the up and coming leaders in Norway. Emil Lindegaard Carlsen (18) has a very interesting story and is a big success so far. I am looking forward to follow this guy in the future.

Emil started his first company, Garden Services, as a 13-year-old. When he was 16 he was managing director of a youth enterprice in school, and when he was 17 he started a «real» company with a colleague. Emma AS which has been on for 1.5 years selling patch of all kinds in grocery stores in Norway, a series of products for first aid.

Now they have hired two «adults», a general manager and a salesman. Emil takes even the role of Sales and Marketing. Now the High Schools senior students on their way to their vision to become a leading player in the Nordic market.

Emil is the entrepreneur of the month and you can read the whole interview in norwegian, at this link:

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