Presentationsskills in The Norwegian Armed Force

Once again I would return to the Norwegian Armed Force for this to hold courses in presentation techniques. It would be a day course, 7 hours, including lunch Tuesday before the autumn holiday. 


Not only were 16 representatives from across the country learn presentation techniques, but they will go back to their counties and keep the course self to others. They should therefore first learn to make presentations and speeches in a six-hour course, and then back to the county and hold this course. And this time they will keep it for up to 70 people over two hours. Impossible you say? No, the young soldiers looked only at this as a challenge.


Already 15 minutes into the course was the first presentation in time, up behind the pulpit and tell your name, where you came from (birthplace), where you served and finally the expectations of the course. When we had feedback after it emerged that several had stage fright. 


We talked about the communication model, preparation, who is the audience, etc., etc. In addition, they had a total of 4 presentations with feedback at all times and at the same time was the difficulty level higher and higher.


Funniest was when they were going to make a speech on a night out, but was specific audience of me. The options were the girfriend/boyfriend, general, parents and

 friends. It is quite obvious that they are professionals in adapting what they say to the person who will listen. This is knowledge they did not show, or thought of, that they had. 


When they finally gave the last speech with self-chosen topics, it was all the senses sharpened, and it was a big difference from the same morning. And everyone, even       those with stage fright before, showed clearly that this did they like. They had made their own speech, with its own theme based on a well proven model. At the same time noting all the audience down on a yellow note what they did well and what they should improve on.


Finally as we walked through how to put up a presentation skills course in two hours, with different exercises and Icebreakers. I look forward to hearing feedback on how this course was.


If you have any questions about the training or wish the same training for your company or organization take contact.



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