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Demystifying Mentoring

Amy Gallo writes an long article in Harvard Business Journal about mentoring and she wants to demystifying mentoring for us all. The article is good and therefor I want to put some of it on my blog and also a link to the rest of the article. When people think of mentoring, they often think …

Inspirational tip: Find a mentor – they’re not just for students




Look for someone whose work you admire or who simply excels in a single area where you’d like to expand your skills.  



Mentors are a great asset! I would never have reached the levels I am at without a number of mentors. Mentors have made such an impact in my life that I decided to offer mentoring services to companies and people together with one of my mentors, Thor Erik Gulliksen . We do this in Trainifique , as you may already know.

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