Powerful mentoring/coaching sessions

Some coaches also are posting a series of questions and enough questions for a whole year or so, and here we are talking about different situations.


* Establishing Trust-

A. What expectations do you have as a result of our coaching session?
B. What are your short and long term goals?
C. Have you ever been coached before? (have them describe their experience)

* Focus-

A. What do you want to accomplish today?
B. What’s the priority?
C. Where do you want to start?

* Possibilities and Options-

A. Do you have ideas for a solution to the problem?
B. What ideas do you have to help meet your goals?
C. What do think would happen if… (I left the total solution up to you)
D. What other ideas could help you meet your goals?
E. What do you prefer to try and why?
F. If you were sitting in my chair how would you handle this?

* an Action Plan- (setting SMART goals)

A. What is it that you will accomplish? I will (they need to be specific, also
realistic, too many goals are not realistic)
B. What will success look like? Needs to be measurable (quantitative)
C. Tell me one step can you take now? Needs to be action oriented
D. Of all the options we discussed, which is the best? Needs to be realistic
E. When will you accomplish this goal? Need a definite time frame
F. What support or resources do you need to achieve your desired results? List
and reaffirm your support (be specific about what you are willing to offer)

* Barriers-

A. What roadblocks do you expect?
B. How will you overcome?
C. Is there anything in your way now? If so, what?
D. If all roadblocks are removed, is there anything else that would prevent you
from succeeding?
E. What concerns do you have?

* Commitments and Goals-

A. What will you do and by when?
B. What resources will you use to complete your next steps?
C. What are your next steps?
D. What do you commit to completing by next meeting?
E. How do you want me to hold you accountable?

* and Measure Results-

A. How do you feel about your actual results compared to your goal?
B. What’s working? What’s not working and what will you change going
C. What measures did you put in place to help ensure your success?
D. What roadblocks did you face and how did you deal with them?
E. Since our last meeting what have you learned about yourself as it pertains to
goal setting?

Celebrate your achievements

I have also contributed to «Favorite coaching questions», with a question I find important. When you are working to reach your goal I think it is important to celebrate when you reach it, therefore:

How would you like to celebrate when reaching your goal? 

And I think that is a important question because we can´t just thick it out of the to-do list and then go for the next goal. We have to celebrate to tell yourself that you have reach a goal, stop and lean back for a moment…


This is posted on my birthday 1st of october, and I am going out to celebrate with good friends and family.

More powerful questions

A coach  was taught by her boss 3 powerful questions which she use to guide herself and coach her staff, after certain event or project or even appraisal

1) what have you done well
2) what can you improve
3) what have you learn


Another coach shared a simple but yet big questions:

«Only you know what you want and what is stopping you, are you prepared to share that with me?



More favorite questions

In July 2010 someone post this question on www.linkedin.com and the subgroup Training&Development, people still post their question after 2 year. And their questions are really good, I will post more of them here.

Here are a women`s  favorite coaching question, but she admit, identifying just one favorite is difficult. But in the plethora of questions, the four below – or some variation – consistently rise to the top, so she offer them here.
1. What does success look like?
2. What is ONE thing you could do today to move in the direction of the outcome you want to achieve?
3. What are you practicing? What might be possible if you practiced {something different} instead?
4. What emotion is most natural for you when you consider {the current situation, barrier or goal}? What would you like to experience instead {or what would serve better you in moving in a different direction}?

More will come…

What is your favorite coaching question?

In July 2010 someone post this question on www.linkedin.com and the subgroup Training&Development, people still post their question after 1,5 year. And their questions are really good, I will post more of them here.

Here are a man`s  favorite coaching question at each stage of GROWS (and he added Success Measures to the end of the conversation):

GOAL: What difference do you want to make?
REALITY: How do other people perceive the current situation?
OPTIONS: What would you do if you could start again?
WILL: On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to carrying out these actions? (What needs to happen to raise your commitment closer to 10?)
SUCCESS: What will you see people doing and hear people saying that will prove things are different?