More favorite questions

In July 2010 someone post this question on and the subgroup Training&Development, people still post their question after 2 year. And their questions are really good, I will post more of them here.

Here are a women`s  favorite coaching question, but she admit, identifying just one favorite is difficult. But in the plethora of questions, the four below – or some variation – consistently rise to the top, so she offer them here.
1. What does success look like?
2. What is ONE thing you could do today to move in the direction of the outcome you want to achieve?
3. What are you practicing? What might be possible if you practiced {something different} instead?
4. What emotion is most natural for you when you consider {the current situation, barrier or goal}? What would you like to experience instead {or what would serve better you in moving in a different direction}?

More will come…

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