Want to become a leader?

This weekend I am in Gothenburg doing a leadership workout for JCI Gothenburg together with my partner Kai Roer (www.bebetter.no and www.kairoer.com) and Karolina  Luna.

This is the main goal for the training is:

The exercise of leadership is characterized by who you are as a person, the experience and the self-perception one has, one’s desires and ambitions – and how one will emerge as a leader. Developing a self-understanding and regulate itself is therefore a key learning area for managers.

You will get help finding out what is the basis for your personal leadership, for it is through the work of your own leader-platform that you are your own leader developer.

Being a leader is about influencing other people, which requires that you understand how you influence on other people – what effect your behavior has. By understanding how others react to you and what you do, you can adjust your behavior so that you are more able to achieve what you want. Through workshops, courses and lectures, you will end up with a clear perception of you as a leader.

«Even a born leader, must go through a birth» Frode Dale

For Kai Roer and my self writing a leadership book this is very good. 23 young leaders in Gothenburg is attending and I expect to learn a lot from them too.

Our book is not a theoretical book, but more as a workbook. We have pointed out some theme which is important for a leader, and put up some empty pages for your own reflection, good tip and to be creative.

This is our themes for the weekend:

Juhari window

Different leaders from Gothenburg comes and speak

A lot of workshops and group tasks

Personality and DISC analyses within a team and how to deal with the difference

Want to join us? If you are in Gothenburg come in to us.

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