How to enter a room

The Magazine Entrepreneur have an article in their latest issue about how to enter a room. This is not only for networking or meetings but also for us mentors. When you say yes to be a mentor in a mentoring program you will the first time come in this situation. You are new as a mentor (or new year, new mentee), all the mentee are new and you go into the room for the opening assembly.

Watch the video and get tips.

(This video has been removed by the user.)


The tips from the video:

1. WHEN people introduce themselves, say their names back to them or take a mental note. But try to keep their names in your head. Saying a person’s name back to them 20 or 30 minutes after you’ve met them suggests graciousness and respect, and it will endear you to them.

2. DO NOT give out business cards before the meeting begins. Because it makes you look like a blackjack dealer.

3. LOOK everyone in the eye for, like, a millisecond longer than is comfortable.

4. Don’t carry yourself in a way that could be described as «jaunty.»

5. IF there are fewer than six other people in the room, shake everyone’s hand. If there are six or more, shake approximately five hands, and then nod amiably to the rest. The shaking of hands can get out of hand.

6. At no time say, «Let’s do this!»

7. NO fist bumps.

8. DON’T talk about anything that isn’t pleasant, such as how much traffic you were just in or how hot it is or how you have a cold.


Good luck!

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