Reluctance against change

One of the more paradoxical thing about us humans is that we often have – consciously or unconsciously – to resistance to change.

Even if it’s a good change. Once we have converted a routine in our lives, we risk therefore easy to fall back into our old patterns again.
Think about how it has been in your life:
How much have you actually changed you over time?

I have done a big change in my life the last 6 weeks and I am terrified to go back. And I am working on that fear everyday, so far it looks good.

Reflection Exercise:
Try and to stop for a moment and focus on your course. Find out where your ship is headed.

Are you fell back on an old course?
And it is the rate you want to be on?

If you often fall back into old patterns in one area, you can ask yourself whether this is due to a subconscious aversion to change. This is the first step.

The next step will then be to ask yourself:
Whence comes the reluctance?
What are you afraid of losing if the change happens?

Good luck changing a pattern, for me it will be a better life. I have started to do a to of excersise and eat better food, no more pizza and pasta…

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