Set your goal

We think about things rather than emotions. We believe that when we reach our goals in terms of education, money, dream job, etc. .. When we one day see that everything will be exactly as you want it.

The truth is that this approach often creates more frustration than joy. For when we finally sitting in our «perfect house» with our «perfect wife / husband» and «the perfect job», we wake up one morning and find that all these external things really have not changed our emotional experience and given us what we initially wanted.

If you set yourself a goal that is an external things (ie something outside of you), you can instead ask:
What will give me when I get …….?

Will you try to be your mentor?

It’s hard to get what you want if you do not know what you want!

Your goal should be:
• Specifically,
• Measurable
• You must know when you are in the target

Now, think about what your five goals are right now?

Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Goal 4:

Goal 5:

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