Speaking in Rotary

The aim for the evening was to talk about mentoring. I was given 50 minutes, and tried to use it wisely.

My topic was:

1. What is mentoring

2. What is a mentor program

3. Tools to use

4. What´s in it for me (mentee, mentor and company)

We used some time to get to know the terms and the meening of mentoring, mentee and mentor.

The responce was great and a lot of questions about how we can use mentoring f.ex. in schools. Bec


se in Norway we have a lot of students dropping out at the age 16-18 years old. And they seems to think that mentoring could solve some of that problem.

I think it´s a great idea. A lot of the schools in Europe us mentoring for their students. And I don´t know why the different schools would like to try that.

My hope for the future is that they use the professors more as a mentor. And maybe then the students will stay in school.

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