The wheel of gratitude

As I told later I got the chance to write an article in a book about Gratitude from an Canadian author. And as I was working with the text I find that if I give gratitude I get gratitude back.

So by constantly be grateful one discovers something unique, that people and opportunities are coming one’s way. To show gratitude for their success and share it with others makes the other’s impression of you to be very positive. Which in turn means that it’s you they think of next time they need a trainer or speaker. Many of my assignments are through previously involved in the mentoring programs 10-year of history.

So what lessons can we make of this story, the gratitude breeds gratitude and that again breeds success.


We can look at it as a wheel that never stops; I will call it «The Wheel of Gratitude». I have chosen five areas where the gratitude will have impact,
but you can adapt more or others within your situation. This five areas are: Personal, friends, colleagues, work and leisure.

But when you show gratitude in all parts of this wheel that will lead to satisfied ambassadors for you. This will give you lots of positive reviews, new clients and new success.

It´s like a wheel right? A wheel of gratitude. What are you going to do, to get some gratitude today?


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