A life in balance

Every year I put together my own life plan for that year, and maybe the most important thing is to also have balance. I can´t just put up there all I want in one specific area, but I have to use the whole “wheel of Life”.

“Wheel of Life” is a tool used in coaching and mentoring and is just to help you find balance in your life.

 Balance is many things, but first and foremost its to generate profits in our lives and enable us to handle everything that comes our way. If I were in balance, I could be completely sure I immediately could feel it in myself and in my surroundings. 

But what is balance?

-You are coming from a long workday, and sit in the armchair, perfectly flat and very tired – and when someone asks you a question, you snap back because you simply cannot relate to more now?

If so, I can tell you a secret: You are NOT in balance!

Balance is, very simply said to be present right where you are and know that you are exactly where you should be.

If you ask yourself this question: “If you had only one more year to live, what would you do”?

No one says they want to spend more time at the office or with the to-do list.

Most people say they want to spend more time with family and friends or travel more.

I try to prioritize “ME” first, to take charge in my own life. Only then can I be present for my family and friends.

My belief is that when I prioritize myself first, I am also more present for all those I love. What do you think for example that your loved ones would choose? To have a happy and balanced father, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or friend, son, daughter etc. that are present and attentive and have chosen to be there! Or one that runs around confused like a hamster in a wheel, trying to satisfy everyone else and be ‘perfect’?

Here are two example of «Wheel of life» you can use for planning your life in balance.










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