Communication is not rocket science

It`s possible to learn for everyone, It requires that you take responsibility. For yourself and your communication. 

The only one who can change anything is you.

Maybe we have all witness the security at an airport. Last time I was on an airport i witness a gentleman in front of me put his bags and things up at the Conveyor belt and is doing his best to make it quickly and efficiently. 

He forgets to take his belt off, and the security man told him in a direct and commanding tone, to take it off. While taking the belt of he said «Excuse me put it`s actually possible to tell me nice, I just forgot». The security guy almost shout «Just move it».

I don´t think anyone appreciate that tone, neither the gentleman, the security guy or the rest of the people in line…

This story and this type of communication is done daily, maybe once an hour, if not more often, in workplaces, in teams, to customers and among colleagues.

And if you think it is normal, then you’re right. But unfortunately it is also one of the most energy-draining, devastating and in many ways incredibly sad.

For it is really how we want to be?
Is this how we want it, and interact with other people?
What this leads to in the short and long term?

The older I get and the more mature as a person, the more evil it makes me to see and hear that we still treat each other like this and is directly co-creators of bad energy. And the worst of it all is that it is fairly easy to solve. 

It requires that you take responsibility, for yourself and your communication.

The only one who can change anything is you.

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