Success history 5

Today a funny thing happened to me when me and my wife where visiting some good friends of us. They were selling some of their big sized teddy bears online and a potential customer where coming this evening for buying them. Boy was I surprised when a previous adept appear at the door. When he saw my face at the house he was stunned, and happy to meet me again. And he told me that he have started in a new job at his mentors company. He had had several offers but the mentor “won” and he don`t regret the choice he did.

Because he had known the mentor in about a year he could say a lot about the company that she was working in. And they have hit it off so the choise was pretty easy he said.
Way to go Morten and Elisabeth.

By the way Morten bought the big sized teddy bears and went to a small girls birthday party with some big presents, she was going to be very surpriced…

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