So many and fine places you come to as a trainer and speaker. Right now I am on my way to Ørlandet Millitary Base in Trondheim, Norway. After one hour flight to Trondheim I am now sitting on a boat (in one hour) out to the base. Actually it`s the second boat, because the first one had som kind of trouble and had to return back to the harbour after about 15 min.

So now are we 45 min. after schedule, but it`s a beautiful evening so it doesn`t matter.
Tomorrow I am going to talk about dream team. Haven`t heard about it, you said? Well it`s known to happen, when someone put together the team with “a trained eye”. F.ex. using Belbin or Thomas Int. D.I.S.C analyses. There are young people so I have to keep it simple and catchy.
To split 200 persons into four groups (D, I, S and C (Thomas Intern.) or red, yellow, green and blue (Insight)) in a teater will be fun. It would be the biggest crowd I had tried this on. But it is always a first time…
When I am sitting here and looking at around 50 youngsters in the boat with me, I am really starting to look forward to tomorrow. I can also se so many with a need for a mentor. It is so much potential here and I want to help them all. It`s fantastic to have a mentor in so young age. I have been a mentor for different young people over the last ten years. WOW… the fun, the excitement, the reflection and the graditude…

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