Why isn`t everybody having a mentor?

It strikes me, time after time. Everywhere when I talk to people and for people about mentoring. Almost everyone is responding the same way, as a big question mark in their face. I want a mentor they say, and wondering how to get one.

I don`t think it`s easy to get a mentor outside a mentorprogram. Even when I am saying “just pick up the phone”. Call the man or women you want and let them know why you want them especially.
Tell him why and how much you admire this person.
Who do you think will turn you down???
Maybe it`s just me, but when someone calls me up, telling me what a great guy I am. And how much he or she admires me, I run to him…
So my hope for the future is to hear moore people at my seminar and trainings telling that “of course” I have a mentor… DHAAAAAAAAAAAAA…

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