The law of timing

– When to Lead Is As Important As What to Do and Where to Go

(DAY 19 – The 21 Day Leadership Challenge)

Opportunities are everywhere. One of the big things that makes something a good opportunity is timing. Recognize an opportunity and pounce on it right away.

Dig into it:

  • Timing is often the difference between success and failure in an endeavor. Every time a leader makes a move, there are really only four outcomes:

1. The Wrong Action at the Wrong Time Leads to Disaster – If you take the wrong action at the wrong time, your people suffer and so will your leadership.

2. The Right Action at the Wrong Time Brings Resistance – Having a vision for the right direction and knowing how to get there is not enough. If you take the right action but do it at the wrong time, you may still be unsuccessful because the people you lead can become resistant. Good leadership timing requires many things:

a) Understanding – leaders must have a firm grasp on the situation.

b) Maturity – if leader’s motives aren’t right, their timing will be off.

c) Confidence – people follow leaders who know what must be done.

d) Decisiveness – wishy-washy leaders create wishy-washy followers.

e) Experience – if leaders don’t possess experience, then they need to gain wisdom from others who do possess it.

f) Intuition – timing often depends on intangibles, such as momentum and morale.

g) Preparation – if the conditions aren’t right, leaders must create those conditions.

3. The Wrong Action at the Right Time is a Mistake – the greatest mistake made by entrepreneurs is knowing when to cut their losses or when to increase their investment to maximize gains. Their mistakes come from taking the wrong action at the right time.

4. The Right Action at the Right Time Results in Success – When the right leader and the right timing come together an organization achieves its goals and reaps incredible rewards.

  • Reading the right situation and knowing what to do are not enough to make you succeed in leadership. If you want your company to move forward, you must pay attention to timing. Only the right action at the right time will bring success. No leader can escape the Law of Timing.

2 kommentarer til «The law of timing»

  1. Good post. There is a corollary to «the right action at the wrong time brings resistance.» If you know you have the right action and you meet resistance, you are acting at the wrong time. Back up, reflect, and reschedule.

  2. So true. And at the same time did I like what you said about Back up and reflect. That is a good way of checking what you are doing. But it can´t make you miss the timing though.

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