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Yet another mentoring program ends

Tweet The summer is here and typical for that is also that most of my mentoring programs are ending. So tonight its the mentoring program for Cancellers in Career Developing in schools that have been through a one year programs. Can’t wait to evaluate with them and then have a nice dinner.

Training the mentors

Tweet We are so lucky that all the mentors are volunteers and we introduced them to some tools we use, called «The Big Five». Its basically five tools which is important as a mentor, active listening – effective questions – feedback – accountability – recognition. Its always so funny when we are doing the first …


Tweet People ask what our company name means, and I will give you guys an answer here. Mentor is ok right? Ok, we all know that… L = Living E = Exceptional L = Life O = Opportunities So we have a big goal in the company, to help people live an exceptional life… wow, …