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Peer Resources

Tweet Peer Resources rated one of the top 18 mentoring websites of 2011 by European mentoring expert, They are number two on my list of best mentoring blogs in 2011, and twittering about this.

Mentor Resources

Tweet Here at we are looking for «The Best Mentoring Blog 2011» and this is a good candidate. At you can see why. Mentor Resources is a second largest provider of web-based software for the administration of large-scale, formal mentoring programs. WisdomShare™ has been designed for ease of use by the program administrator and …

Best Mentoring Blog 2011

Tweet DO YOU HAVE SOME CANDIDATES? I want to put mentoring even more on the agenda and how implement it to peoples personal development and also for companies development. I have been working with mentoring for over 10 years both in Norway and outside in other countries. My experience is both from universities and companies, …