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Young Enterprice Norway

Tweet This week I was a judge for Young Enterprice Norway, in Oslo. And their first contest for students and on university level. There were 14 student companies, with names like «Babbfit» (a smart holder for kebab), «Gearlocks» (a new way of secure your ski at ski resorts) and «Innovation Corporation» (a new way of …

Holding seminar in Trondheim-Norway this weekend

This weekend I am going to Trondheim to train in their mentorprogram for Young Enterprice Norway. On saturday I am going to train all the students the whole day, the seminar is akind of lifeplanning. We are looking at their strenght, their weeknesses and their possibilities, and final some SMART-goals.


On sunday is it mentoring seminar for all the mentors. Learning and training "The Big Five" and prepare them for the task.


And not only that but I am also going to help them in the matching process as well.


This is going to be so much fun, I am very excited.