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Congratulations Thor-Erik Gulliksen, new IG!

 Dear Thor-Erik Gulliksen,



On behalf of the JCI Training Commission we are pleased to inform you that your application for IG, International Graduate, was APPROVED. You will soon receive by regular mail, your International Graduate Certificate from JCI Headquarters.


The members of the JCI Training Commission would like to congratulate you for this outstanding achievement and welcome you to the International Trainers team.  As a member of JCI select group of experienced trainers, you are invited to continue your support to JCI by conducting international training courses as well as involve, inspire and support the new trainers who are working hard to climb the steps of the JCI Training.  At the same time, we encourage you to keep your focus on reaching the maximum level in the JCI Training Certification, the ITF (International Training Fellow).


As an International Graduate (IG) you are also qualified to become Head Trainer for JCI Designer if you already have attended the JCI Head Trainer course and have conducted all modules of JCI Designer as Assistant Trainer.



You can also offer to conduct a short course at JCI Conferences and/or Congress, especially if you are already planning on attending.


Please continue to log in the training hours you conduct in your database at JCI’s website and as soon as you reach the number of hours required and have completed all other requirements for the next level, you can apply to become an International Training Fellow (ITF).


Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.  We hope to see you conducting training courses on the international level.




All the best!

JCI Training Director

Elena Beskinskaya
2010 Training Commissioner for Europe


 "Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you." —Jim Rohn


That is my key words when I am going to have a workshop at the Norwegian Rotary Organisation the 27. of september. And I will use mentoring as the great tool it is.


Read here for more information about AKersborg Rotary:


If you happens to be in Norway and Oslo and wants to come, please join us at Grand Hotel, at the Limelight Bar.–Barer/Limelight-Bar/


Hope to see many people there at six o´clock, just after work.

How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Time

 How do you start your day?

Over some years no, I have tryed to plan all the things I have to do by writing everything down the night before.

I found that drawing up your list the night before prompts my subconscious to work on my plans and goals while I am asleep.


And when I wake up, I feel ready to tackle my challenges.


You should also try this, here are some tip:


A Written Plan
 Lists of goals, tasks and objectives are of no help unless they’re written. Putting your plans on paper makes a seemingly elusive goal more concrete. 


Urgency vs. Importance
 An unexpected phone call or a drop-in visitor may be urgent, but the consequences of dealing with either may not be important in the long run. The urgent is other-oriented, it’s caused by someone else. Important things are self-directed and have the greatest value for you.


As a tool you could use Stephen R. Covey´s  "The Time Management Matrix"



See more on:

Friends in Tunisia

When you are a member in Junior Chamber International ( you have friends everywhere. I become a member in 1996 and a senator (Honorary life membership in JCI. The highest individual honor a member can receive)  in 2006.


All my time in JCI have I heard that I have friends everywhere and just an e-mail from a place to sleep or a friend in a new city. Well I did try on Malta for some years ago, and it was big fun. I got to be in a monthly meeting and then we took a beer in the hotel where the meeting was.


When I was visiting Tunisia on summer vacation for two weeks with my wife and some friends I did it again. I meet two JCI members from Tunisia. I wrote on my Facebook site about my trip to Tunisia and then we started e-mailing each other and finally meet at my hotel.


For me it was very fun to get to know more about Tunisia, their politics and people. And of course they learned something about Norway as well. We where talking for several hours and shake hands goodbye as close friends. Of course as close you can come after several hours talking.


I am very honored that Nawel Khelil and Wassef El Abed wanted to meet me. They spend some time getting to my hotel because I was staying in Hammamet and they where living in Sousse.


Thank you Nawell and Wassef, hope to see you again very soon!


And tomorrow I am leaving for Kiev in Ukraine, I wonder if there are some JCI members there…

IG Application – again and again

 An application like this is heavy work, and I am almost finish. I must say that the training no is so much better than the last one. I can really say that going trough the stuff over and over again is worth it in the end.


Small changes ahead and then it is done and ready for upload at


I really hope for more trainings in Europe. I have done a lot in Norway, of course, but also in Sweden. But I want to do some more outside the nordic countries.


Will see, this is so excited.

Anthony Robbins

 Last night I watched the first show Breakthrough with Anthony Robbins on NBC ( and I am stunned.


It seems so easy, but it`s a lifechanger!


Look here:


If you are in Oslo, Norway you can see the show at the Ballroom in Nedre Vollgate 11 in centrum, next wednesday 11/08-2010.


Fantastic, Go, Go Go…


Thank you

How do I establish and maintain mentoring relationships when people are geographically distant from each other?

 Answer: Have a  face-to-face meeting when you start the relationship



Distance relationships can be very productive. Breaking the ice and establishing rapport is so much easier, face-to-face.


Begin with a function that brings participants together. The investment outweighs the cost of a failed relationship.


If you cannot get together use videocalls (such as Skype), which is better than email or an ordinary phonecall.


Extra work is necessary to ensure the viability of the long-distance relationship. Extra contact and newsletters help. You may wish to provide participants with regular Mentoring Works Articles? You will find a lot of them here at this blog.


Good luck!


Re: Thor-Erik Gulliksen, Your application for IG was not accepted

 What the he… I thought. They didn´t accept my training, seriously it was a good training. But as I was reading the feedback I thought differently, maybe they were on to something. Look here is the feedback:


Dear Thor,

JCI Training Commission evaluated your course and there are suggestions for improvement:



Please, check your course to nbe more accurate prepared: color in notes for trainer does not match –red is activity but its used for instructions for trainers; Different fonts…. Language mistakes



In general more clear instructions and details are needed. Look at your course by the eyes of the trainers who will probably does not know about topic – they will just download the course and will do it.. so it should be as much clear as possible.



Expectations are not only for trainer, but mostly for trainees…



In the active listening part – it does not seems like a lecture.. more like information…. Seems like taken from some book – please, organize it like a lecture. Also the link in the exercise with active listening between activity and debrifieng is needed.



Activity, especially the last one should be  related to the development. Last activity is useless… One of suggestions is  to add instruction about  development of new skill for example..


 Last words after last exercise are the same as at the beginning… also its said – you will now learn more tool. And after its summary – please check that you finesh what you want to express.


And one general comment about the course. JCI Training Commission know that the concept of the Active listening part was designed with Kai Roer. So we don’t mind to see the same concept in your course also.

In the same time we kindly ask you to re write it by your own words. So any concept can be presented in different ways and we need to see your own ability to do it.


So, as soon as you do all improvements, we are looking forward to see your application again



 WOW, I thought it was pretty rough, but I got it under my skin and started working. And here I am at this very day. Working, working and working…



But da… it is going to be very good…. 

More about the IG application

  As you have understand, It`s not easy to get the application through the JCI Training Commission. And I got an email from the leader about my application.


The first email they wanted me to explain why one of my tools “Active listening” (the very first tool in the Big Five) was very alike some other trainings without taking them in as an reference. Or as they said:


"The JCI Training Commission received your application for IG and by checking the course it was detected that a great part of your course is an identical copy of another course submitted earlier by another trainer.


Because you did not mention the other course or trainer in the credits, the JCI Training Commission would like to hear your explanation on this issue".

I should have seen this coming, It was Kai Roer ( and his training “Active listening”. That was his application for ITF (International Training Fellow, the highest rank in JCI).

We have been developing some trainings around mentoring together and therefore it has some similarities. And I didn`t think of that when I listed up the credits and references.


After sending an email to explain that, and put the right credit where it belongs. AND upload the trainings once more, they told me that they would look at it again.


The next email from the training commission was some small changes to lift the training to the right level. I can`t wait to start working on the changes when I am back from Tunisia and sitting in Sweden (my wife’s parents).

Becoming an IG Trainer in JCI

 Reading the last blogpost you got an idea of what a trainer have to do. And go from JCI Prime to CLT (local trainer) to CNT (national trainer) is through at least 50 hours of training, and most of them inside JCI.


After becoming a CNT you have to start train outside your country. For me as a norwegian it is vital to hold a lot of trainings in english. Both for the sake of being better in english but also to learn other cultures. And of course it is different things to think about when holding a training in Norway on norwegian and doing trainings in a different country in english.


I have been around indifferent countries an doing trainings, and the last ones was in Sweden. I was doing both a mentoring training ("The Big Five") and a leadership training together with Kai Roer ( and Karolina Luna a whole weekend.


So for my next level in JCI training lather, I have to apply for an IG.


International Graduate (IG)

A CNT seeking certification at level 3 – International Graduate (IG) – is required to:


1. Conduct a minimum of three different training sessions for a total of at least 25 hours of training at the international level, outside the trainer’s own country of affiliation and residency.

A minimum of 15 hours must be conducted in courses organized by JCI local or national organizations officially affiliated to JCI and 10 hours of non JCI training is accepted.


2. Design and submit an original one–hour training course, with full rights to JCI.

The training course must be designed using the official JCI Training Course Templates and include: Trainer’s Guide, Participants’ manual and PowerPointTM slides.


So having designed a new training (Introduction to The Big Five – a one hour training session) and sent the aplication I now have to wait and see what the JCI Training Commission have to say about my training. 


Of course I would get it back and have to do some more work on it, but we have to see. I will ceep you posted.


By the way, here is why I am doing all this. Read what JCI Training Commission say about the trainers becoming an IG:


Achieving IG level certification is a mark of distinction and personal and professional excellence in adult learning. IGs are trainers who are willing to go the extra distance to help their peers to become stronger leaders, more dynamic trainers, and more effective managers.