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Would you like to be a child again – Do you need to?


Learn to think like a kid again and unlock your hidden potential.



 Have you heard about those fun offices where play is encouraged? They’re not just cubicle legend. Companies like Google and 3M have crafted colorful, dynamic workspaces where employees play with toys and video games, take nap breaks and go outside for recess. If it sounds a little childish, that’s exactly the point.


Over the past couple of decades, industry leaders have tapped into an idea that philosophers (like Nietzsche) and scientists (like Einstein) have long championed: that it is useful and sometimes necessary for people to think like children to achieve success as adults.


People tend to get stuck in mental ruts, approaching everything from their jobs to their marriages from the same tired perspective. But taking cues from children can jolt us out of complacency and view the world from a whole-new angle—if only for moments at a time. Officials at Google and 3M found fashioning offices akin to kindergarten classrooms resulted in creative, energetic environments where innovative ideas are born every day. “


When people start to think like a child, they begin to see things from a fresh perspective,” says Jack Uldrich, global futurist, business speaker and bestselling author. “They learn to step back and view problems, people and things from a completely different point of view.”



How to mind map

Tweet I am getting more and more fund of mind mapping and especially when I am reading new books. But also when you try to hold «a birds perspective» to a project. Here are a few links to some of the mind-mapping resources that are available online: – a list of over 200 resources! …


 The 1. place went to Aqua Systems for the best contribution. They won the Innovation Norway’s development price of EUR 12 000 (nok 100 000,-), Connect Norway to a value of EUR 12 000 (nok 100 000,-), a mentor from the Norwegian Mentor Program and EUR 6 000 (nok 50 000,-).


Aqua Systems has developed a solution which, among other things, makes it much easier to clean the fish cages, which have the potential to create a more efficient and economical production.


A BIG Congratulations from The Mentor Guru and good luck with the good and hard work with a mentor for the next year and of course also the prize money.


To read more and to see the runner up click at the link belove (in norwegian):




Innovasjon Norge:–Venture-Cup-2010/


Venture cup blog:


Inno Design (Norwegian innovation and design):


Høgskolen i Ålesund:


Venture cup 2010

 Entrepreneurship is very important for Norway and trough Venture Cup (in norwegian: the participants get the opportunity to develop their business plans. Free advice and guidance of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, profesionell investors and consultants contribute to network, innovation and new ventures.


Venture Cup is being held by Start Norway for the tenth consecutive year. The competition started in Norway in 1999 and has since had several successful business plans that have created many new jobs.


There is a large potential market of entrepreneurs within academia and research institutions. Venture Cup Norway has a strong academic foundation in educational institutions and research units in the different regions it is held.


Venture Cup is much more than a competition, and the value for the participants is not only the potential rewards, but just as much the learning, the network of contacts and the experience that participants receive.


It is based on four main elements:

1. Education: It will be implemented practically oriented lectures by educational institutions, and students at some institutions may take Venture Cup as a separate subject. The lectures will cover the most important factors in establishing their own business.


2. Supervision: A network of advisers associated with Venture Cup. These guides participants in the process if desired. The advisers network will be able to give advice on specific issues related to patents, for example, tax, accounting, etc.


3. Inspiration: The kick-off and the two prize awards you will be able to come and be motivated and inspired by the lectures of experienced entrepreneurs and presentations of newly established businesses. The events are also good opportunities for mingling and networking.


4. Competition: The fourth element is the competition. The best business plans will be rewarded with cash prizes, and honorable mention.


This years prices are about EUR 36 000,- (nok 300 000,-) AND one year with a mentor for the CEO from The Norwegian Mentor Program,


Speaking in Rotary

Tweet The aim for the evening was to talk about mentoring. I was given 50 minutes, and tried to use it wisely. My topic was: 1. What is mentoring 2. What is a mentor program 3. Tools to use 4. What´s in it for me (mentee, mentor and company) We used some time to get …

Mentoring and being mentored: A win-win situation

 (Part 4 of the Series)

In Part 1 of this series last week we looked at what a mentor is and does. In Part 2 we looked at ways to find a mentor and in Part 3 we looked at how to be a mentor. In this article, we will talk about wether you are an mentee or a mentor it´s a win-win situation never the less.



Making a difference in the lives of others is one of the keys to fulfillment. Susan Krauss found this out in her study of happiness in midlife adults. No matter what their job, the most fulfilled were the people who were reaching out to the young and helping them through life hurdles.


By helping young colleagues, students, friends, and family members, midlife and older adults provide valuable insights based on their own life experiences, insights that can’t be easily transmitted through "book learning."

There is all kinds of advice that the experienced can give to the novice ranging from proper behavior in new situations to hands-on skills to succeed in a given profession. In fact, you don’t even have to be that old or experienced to pass along the knowledge you’ve acquired. I’ve seen many junior and senior undergrads help "mentor" their first-year and sophomore classmates. You don’t have to reach that far down the age hierarchy to pass the torch.


Passing along knowledge from one generation (defined loosely) to the next is a central feature of what psychologist Erik Erikson called "generativity." He believed that the feeling of connection you derive from mentoring helps your ego develop the value of caring. If you don’t develop this quality, you run the risk of what he called "stagnation."


My advice is: Don’t give up on the young. Don’t label them any more than you would like to be labeled. And when a young person appears disrespectful, don’t take it as a sign to write off an entire generation. The person you will be writing off is– yourself.


Exciting meetings

Coming home from two days of meetings / conference in Sweden. Very nice people and good topics.

Tomorrow I’m going to Stavanger for mentee interwiev. 15 mentee for the mentor program at the university in Stavanger. I’m looking sooo forward to meet them and listening to their great plans for the future.

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Mentoring entrepreneurs

I just come a mentoring session today with 4 entrepreneurs within education. They are 4 girls and one guy (the last girl couldn´t make it today).


The business idea is to make training for small kids and sell it to schools and kindergardens. It is a lot fun to meet them because they are so enthusiastic and willing to do almost everything you suggest. So today we had a two hours session about their businessplan and a presentation they are going to have on the 22. of september.


I am really looking forward to meet them again and work more with this brilliant idea.


Go Phi, Wenche, Hanne and Erlend.