20 Questions to Develop a Successful Mentoring Program

As you may know, I am conducting a lot of mentoring programs both for schools and for businesses. And it is always interesting to see how successful a program is getting. One of the critical thing is the client, not only the goal for the program but also how to implement it.

I am now working with a school and they are doing a lot of the job to get the price down. This is critical for a school and it is important for me to accept that. But the downside is that I am loosing a lot of the control. The control that I want, but in this case don`t have.

So when conducting a mentoring program you can use this article belov, and work with the 20 most important thing to get a successful mentoring program. I know I want that in the next program for my client.

I find this interesting article from The Lindenberger Group

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